We give every child the same amount of attention and love, we firmly believe that
Love baby, baby's children will have a sound personality, good character and the extraordinary creativity

The oath of love

I promise, in beibei. Love green, not god-given wisdom, not the magnificent ideal youth……

Laws of preschool education

Beibei love. Green laws of preschool education for every child……

Love and hope

When love and hope is eternal ideal, roots and wings is the child's arm, small buds grow slowly……

Preschool education purpose

Love baby, baby love perfect combination of Chinese education and western education……

The gift of love

In love baby, baby, we insist to give their children the best gift……

Home school produced

Home school produced, help parents understand children in the school performance……

I-BEIBEI preschool education institutions

0 to 3 years oldThe nursery


I-BEIBEI preschool education institutions

3 to 6 years oldkindergarten






California campusTel:15320460817/13677640090Address:Chongqing Yubei District wuling road no. 209
Liang jiang chun cheng campusTel:18875015288Address:Chongqing yubei district ran home dam (behind the houses six buildings)

Sweep yards attention

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